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Minethere AlwaysWho is Minethere Always? Behind this avatar, there is an active woman in opensim world. She tells Lokazionel. Version française.

What is your main activity in opensim metaverse ?

«My main focus is to create free terrains for OpenSim. But I consider myself like a "grid traveler" and I use the hypergates a lot. We could call that a Metanaute. My focus lately has been on taking photos of places people might consider to visiting. Here are those pages : Metaverse destinations, Metropolis Grid. I just started adding photos from Kitely at the bottom which is a grid I am watching closely due to the innovative ideas they have. When they open to the hypergates I will move photos I have taken in there to the top and add their hypergate addresses. I will also start adding more regions photos. This is the page I have for them.»

Région Formyfriends, Minethere Always

Do you have some sims in a grid ?

«Yes. I use the Kitely free plan and have a free limited region. I put various OARs every few months. My main regions are in Metropolis (rent from Zetamex). I have two home regions : Minethere [hypergrid.org:8002:minethere] and Formyfriends [hypergrid.org:8002:formyfriends]. The minethere region is where I put OARs to display and also create new ones for people to enjoy. I usually change it every 6 months or so. The ForMyFriends region is where people I have known and new people I meet and like can come to relax and if I add them to my build role they can do other things there if they wish. I call it my static region and only add things to it. It is very pretty and has several nice places to relax. I have a 25 region cluster that is primarily for displaying terrains I create to sell. It surrounds this one region [hypergrid.org:8002:cocoon]. I also let some friends who sometimes just need a sandbox, they can use one of them to do stuff.»

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