How much is a virtual world ?

The prices below are for an empty area that you will be completely full owner and you can build 15 000 prims (objects) or more. It is not a server space on which you install yourself your simulator of virtual world, but virtual regions ready and connected to an online virtual world.

Virtual world
Supplier Setup
Per month Prims Avatars
Second Life France 3D 42O euros 338 euros 15 000
Second Life Second Life* 1 000 USD 295 USD 15 000
New World Grid New World Grid -
Your Alternative Life Your Alternative Life 37,50 euros
37,50 euros
15 000
Logicamp Logicamp 0
10 euros
15 000
Avination Avination* 0
60 USD
45 000
3D Rock Grid 3D Rock Grid* 0
50 USD
15 000
JokaydiaGRID JokaydiaGRID rental Info 50 USD
25 USD
15 000
InWorldz FAQ sur les régions InWorldz * 75 USD
75 USD
45 000
OSGrid Dreamland Metaverse 0
45 USD
48 000

* You must be registered on the virtual world to access the purchase page region.

For OpenSim virtual worlds, you will find a list of suppliers on the site Hypergrid Business.

I should also mention the excellent work done by the team FrancoGrid, a virtual world OpenSim powered by French and offering free spaces or partner solutions.

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+1 #1 Maria Korolov 03-11-2012 18:20
For a full list of OpenSim hosting providers and their prices, please see our vendor directory:

I personally recommend Dreamland Metaverse and SimHost for schools looking to set up small private grids, and Kitely, Jokaydia, OSgrid, and Virtyou for educators looking for low-cost, education-friendly grids.

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